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While careers are available in the public sector (teaching, health care, education, social care, local government), services (retail, commercial, construction, finance), hospitality and tourism throughout Scotland, various cities and areas are associated with specific industries and employers offering a wide variety of specialist jobs for skilled personnel.

Jobs in Aberdeen - Major employers in and around the city focus on Marine, Offshore, Oil and Gas sectors. Also important are Cable Television and Communication operators, Investment Managers, Engineering Design Consultants, Newspaper Publishers and Printers.

Jobs in Ayrshire & the South West - Prestwick Airport and the Aerospace Manufacturing & Engineering companies associated with it are major job providers in the area. Also Rolled Steel Products, Printed Circuit Boards manufacture, Meat production, Metal Fabricators, Knitwear and Textiles.

Jobs in Dundee - A long established industry in the city is Newspaper, Comic & Periodical Printers and Publishers. Recently Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Research has featured in the local jobs market. Also a major Packaging and Plastics manufacturer, Wholesale & Retail Food Distributor, Battery Pack manufacturers and a Heavy Industrial Turbines servicer & repairer.

Jobs in Edinburgh, Lothian & the Borders - Jobs in Finance, Life Assurance, Investment Management, Insurance and Banking Services are a feature of the city. Computer Systems Development & Support Services companies, Whisky Distillers, Poultry Breeders & Food manufacture and a wide variety of jobs related to the Scottish Government.

Jobs in Fife - Electronics sector plays an integral role in other sectors such as aerospace, automotive and defence. Manufacturing, Creative Businesses and Financial & business services. Renewables and traditional energy sectors such as oil and gas. .

Jobs in Glasgow - Truck Component manufacturers, Soft Drinks producers, Whisky Distillers, Blenders and Bottlers, Call Centres, Construction & Civil Engineering, Computer Hardware Manufacturers, Bakers, Newspapers & Magazines Publishers & Printers, Communication Equipment suppliers and Marine Engineering companies all offer specialised employment in the west of Scotland

Jobs in Inverness & Highlands - Hotels and the Tourism & Hospitality industries are major job providers in the Highlands. Construction and Building sector is also a main employer. Also Call Centres and Customer Services organisations.

Jobs in Lanarkshire - Situated in the middle of central Scotland, Freight Handling & Logistics is a significant business activity and employer. Semiconductor & electronics manufacturing, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Control Technology, Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchange Engineering and Clothing Manufacturers.

Jobs in Perthshire - Glassware & Paper Weights manufacture, Scotch Whisky Distilling, Electricity Supply Utility, Coach Operators, Hospitality & Tourism, Communications Equipment, Mineral Water bottling and Woolen Clothing manufacturers.

Jobs in Stirling & Falkirk - Sink Top Manufacturers, Insurance, Bus Body Builders and Oil Refining & Chemical manufacture.

Jobs in West Dunbarton & Argyll - Important sectors on the West Coast are tourism and hospitality. Varied industrial opportunities in naval dockyards.

Jobs in West Lothian - Plastic Materials manufacturers, Disposable Contact Lens, Meat production, Printed Circuit Boards, Biscuits, Sheet Metalwork and Fabricators, Sportswear Fabrics and House Builders. Whisky Distillers and Alcoholic Drinks manufacture, warehousing and distribution. Also Livingston.

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